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It’s been long time

since I wrote here last time.

It’s all because of the Spring.

With Spring comes gardening. So, I decided one nice cool early May day to prune my roses I failed to prune last Fall because of my constant ear infection last year. So, I took prunners and went to work. I did a good job on it. It turned out that I did an exeptional job on my hand as well. Next day my hand was swallen like a pillow and really painful. To make the long story short – I still have some residual problems with my hand. And you guessed it right – it is my right hand, my dominant one.

I was going complete nuts. I mean it. I had my hand in splint, I could not spin, I could not knit. I could not even drive. I was completely dependent on my DH for getting me around. No, he doesn’t cook, no such luck.

End of whining. Almost.

As I was coach bound I did some reading. Mostly Rex Stout mysteries. Loved these. Very much.

I also did some pet loving. I have a wonderful little fish – Pea (or Dwarf) Puffer. Here is my Господин Фасолькин (Mister Bean for Russian challenged):

There are a lot of Pea Puffer videos on YouTube, but I couldn’t resist and added my own.
Very thoughtful fish. I keep ghost shrimp with him, they pick up and eat everything that he does’t want, though sometimes Mr. Bean and shrimp fight for a worm. Mr. Bean is already his adult size. In the wild these puffers live in India. And yes, he can puff very well if he feels threatened.

Now speaking of nuts, have you ever seen lazy squirrel? Sounds like oxymoron?
Take a look here:

He already had his dinner at my bird feeder, but still keeps an eye on it, just in case of competing squirrel. Doesn’t pay attention to birds, though.

As my hand was gradually getting better, I started to spin on my Susanna (a.k.a. Majacraft Suzie) since I draft with my left hand. Sometime in April i treated myself to a trip to Beth and came back with several boxes of pygora and a Stylus attachment for my wheel. I love Majacraft Stylus attachment. It’s wonderful.
Here they have a little movie how to spin with Stylus:
It’s fantastic! Here is a product of my Stylus exercise:

It is Suri alpaca (that was a present from Ellen plyed with silk thread. It is a 106 gm skein, some 930 yards.
Here is close up:

Not bad for one handed spinner.

And I am done with heavy gardening for this season.



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Итак, у меня теперь есть блог…

Давно пора. А то я все торчала в 20-м веке. Как будто компьютеров нет у людей.

Как говорится – не было бы, так несчастье помогло.  Меня выгнали с Рэвелри. За то, что я была членом консервативной политической группы, сначала на Рэвелри, а потом, когда группа ушла с Рэвелри, вне Рэвелри. Звучит фантастически, но факт. Я не одна, нас примеро 110 человек выгнали. Я не хочу сейчас на этом задерживаться, я хочу только сказать, что ничего плохого я не делала, никакого вреда Рэвери не наносила, равно как и остальные члены группы.

Мои дорогие друзья с Русской группы на Рэвелри, я очень без вас всех скучаю. Приходите ко мне в гости сюда, поговорить о том о сем… Чайку попить, на кухне посидеть…

Фаина скопировала и переслала мне то, что я писала о прядении и поместила на Рэвелри, но не закончила. К сожалению, в процессе копирования-пересылки пропали линки на фотографии и видео. Мои фотографии у меня, конечно есть, а вот остальное надо искать по интернету. Я приведу все это в порядок и буду помещать здесь по мере того как кусок закончен. Я собираюсь сделать часть в Архиве “Статьи на Русском” где это будет храниться. Ну, и, конечно, я теперь не доверяю Интернету и буду хранить все копии у себя.

Добро пожаловать ко мне на посиделки!

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Opening day…

For many years now I felt pressure to have my own blog …. and I resisted. I never liked to keep a journal. It might be my upbringing in the Soviet Union – you write something down and later it is used against you.

At last, I decided to start a blog. I am not going to write about my everyday life and what I bought for dinner in the supermarket. My blog is going to be about knitting, spinning and it is an invitation to my friends to visit and talk to me. And it is going to be sometimes in Russian, sometimes in English.

From the very beginning:

Note to Trolls – I am out of troll food. Permanently. If you want to troll me, you have to know that you will be taken by Charon to the other side and left there . Forever. In oblivion.

The most ironic about me starting my blog today is that it is triggered by event so much Soviet Union style, that it is most amazing.

Here is what happened: a week ago I was banned from Ravelry. Yes.  I. WAS.BANNED.FROM.RAVELRY. Along with some hundred and twenty other people.

I was banned as a member of conservative political group on Ravelry. (What does it have to do with knitting? Well, knitting was a base where we met first).

What I was given– lame, stamped explanation. Exactly the same as all other banned members of the group. I was notified that all my posts, private messages etc are going to be completely erased from Ravelry.  FORGET HEROSTRATUS;  hmm, I mean forget me. I did not start any fire, though and I was not seeking any fame or infamy.

What I was not given– I was not given a list of my crimes against Ravelry, since none exists; I was not given an opportunity to appeal the decision

quote:  If you fell you have been suspended in error, you are welcome to submit a request for reinstatement to and we will consider these appeals on case-by- base basis. However, I will advise that if you were a member of we will not consider your appeal. unquote

And signature:

Craig S. Stelmach, Esq. Ravelry, LLC

OK. I am member of So, I did not appeal.

I was not given any opportunity to remove my contents from Ravelry myself. My intellectual property in the form of my posts, number of wich were educational, by other people’s opinions, was destroyed. I usually wrote my posts in the Ravelry window, so I do not have copies in my computer.

What I am going to do about Ravelry? I do not know yet. Even if I knew, I wouldn’t tell about it here.

What I am not going to do? I am not going to cry my eyes out, pull my hair and put ashes on my head. That’s for sure.

I am going to go on with my life. I am a member of knitting and spinning community and I am going to stay there as long as I breath. I am going to knit, spin, design and, maybe, write down my patterns more frequently.

And I am going to speak my mind.

Welcome to my blog!


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