It’s been long time

since I wrote here last time.

It’s all because of the Spring.

With Spring comes gardening. So, I decided one nice cool early May day to prune my roses I failed to prune last Fall because of my constant ear infection last year. So, I took prunners and went to work. I did a good job on it. It turned out that I did an exeptional job on my hand as well. Next day my hand was swallen like a pillow and really painful. To make the long story short – I still have some residual problems with my hand. And you guessed it right – it is my right hand, my dominant one.

I was going complete nuts. I mean it. I had my hand in splint, I could not spin, I could not knit. I could not even drive. I was completely dependent on my DH for getting me around. No, he doesn’t cook, no such luck.

End of whining. Almost.

As I was coach bound I did some reading. Mostly Rex Stout mysteries. Loved these. Very much.

I also did some pet loving. I have a wonderful little fish – Pea (or Dwarf) Puffer. Here is my Господин Фасолькин (Mister Bean for Russian challenged):

There are a lot of Pea Puffer videos on YouTube, but I couldn’t resist and added my own.
Very thoughtful fish. I keep ghost shrimp with him, they pick up and eat everything that he does’t want, though sometimes Mr. Bean and shrimp fight for a worm. Mr. Bean is already his adult size. In the wild these puffers live in India. And yes, he can puff very well if he feels threatened.

Now speaking of nuts, have you ever seen lazy squirrel? Sounds like oxymoron?
Take a look here:

He already had his dinner at my bird feeder, but still keeps an eye on it, just in case of competing squirrel. Doesn’t pay attention to birds, though.

As my hand was gradually getting better, I started to spin on my Susanna (a.k.a. Majacraft Suzie) since I draft with my left hand. Sometime in April i treated myself to a trip to Beth and came back with several boxes of pygora and a Stylus attachment for my wheel. I love Majacraft Stylus attachment. It’s wonderful.
Here they have a little movie how to spin with Stylus:
It’s fantastic! Here is a product of my Stylus exercise:

It is Suri alpaca (that was a present from Ellen plyed with silk thread. It is a 106 gm skein, some 930 yards.
Here is close up:

Not bad for one handed spinner.

And I am done with heavy gardening for this season.



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3 responses to “It’s been long time

  1. arkangelontheradio


    I just saw a new book, just published, that has a beautiful lace piece in it on the ‘Knitting Daily’ e-mail notification. I believe it’s “All New Homespun Handknit”. Are you published now?!?

    I hope you are doing well. We really miss you in the BB.


  2. Faina! I hope your hand gets better soon. That suri really looks good 🙂

  3. I am so glad you are doing better. Your Mr. Bean is very cute and your yarn is beautiful. Keep writing. People are waiting:)

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